Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School

It has arrived...with less fanfare than I had expected. Weird, I was picturing stomache aches, kids not waking up, not wanting to eat breakfast....none of it. Sure, they were a little slow, or, one of them was, but they managed to get themselves together and eat a little something before being walked to the bus stop with Mom and Dad.

There were smiles everywhere when the kids started walking up to the bus stop, lots of Hi's and "How was your summer"....one neighbor we know lost her job in June so she has been job hunting for a while.

There was no turning back when the bus arrived, my kids were the first ones on it! Hoping the day went well and anxious as ever to see them after school and find out all the details. Taking them on our traditional night out to dinner tonight to relax and talk about our day. I miss my kids.