Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas is over.....

And the real adventures begin. We are finally moved into the house, did that last Thursday the 18th. Moved most of what we need over, have done two trips back and forth from the cottage to the house every day since then.

We endured a very hard last day of school at Truman. This was why I did not want to move during the school year. I knew this would be hard, but not this hard. My little Emma is still a tiny bit upset. She spent most of the last day of school crying. She cried through pretty much all of her testing at her new school and showed no enthusiasm during the school tour. After the tour I made a stop at the post office and she just started crying out of the blue......I took her home, got her in comfy clothes and we just cuddled on the sofa as she cried through endless episodes of Drake and Josh. She did eventually fall asleep, but not without some outbursts of tears. She was in bed by 7 and woke the next morning about 7am. Scott called me that morning to say Em went back to bed at 8 and got up at lunch time. Her heart is very sore......she misses Mrs. Long and Emily...that's all she talks about.

The next day things got a little better, there was actually conversation about the new school.

By Christmas day we were definately showing some excitement about the new school, with a little bit of hesitation mixed in.

Now we are preparing for a day of no bad weather on the 27th so we can move the last 7 pieces of furniture into the new house. I've rented the truck and friends are gonna show up to help. I hope it goes well, that no one gets stuck in the mud and we all stay safe.

I still don't have the computer hooked up at the new house, so my only emails come from work.

Looking forward to updating with good moving news on Monday

Monday, December 15, 2008

We are a week away!

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December 13th 2008

We are about a week away from moving into our new "old" house. I've uploaded some photos from the weekend that show our newly sanded and finished floors on the second floor, as well as the furniture that was given to us by Bethanie in Jacob's room, and the work we accomplished on the first floor. We are now at the point where we have basically done what we can to get ready to move in. There are certainly details that we need to finish, but, they are small enough for us to finish once we live in the house. The washer and dryer are picked out, the tub faucet is going in today, hopefully the master bed will be moved in tonight (I have actually enjoyed the sofa the past month when scott is working, more than the bed) and we have to clear everything off the first floor because the country stripper is comin' back tomorrow! He does floors.....I know what you guys are thinking. Saturday is the big move........and we know we have friends and family who are helping and are so thankfull for them! This week will be a busy one for us as it's the last full week of school for the kids.......
Tonight-clear out the first floor
Tuesday night-Jakes' chorus concert
Wednesday night-Order a moving truck, get groceries for the move and for emma's brownie party
Thursday night-Emma has brownies and a party
Friday night-run around like a chicken with my head cut off, but before I do that we have to visit the new school with the kids
Saturday we move
Sunday we need to visit Santa, he doesn't know we moved yet!
Monday is the last full day of school
Tuesday I am going to school with the kids.....and I'm taking tissues

Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend Accomplishments

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December 7th 2008

This weekend was spent trying to get the second floor paint finished. I only had one day to work due to our annual shopping trip with my sisters and my dad, something he likes to do to make sure he picks all the right gifts for his grandkids. We had a blast, but, I was a little discouraged by not being able to work on the house Saturday.
Sunday I worked hard getting the hallway of the second floor done, Scott rolled the paint while I did the cut in. My uncle showed up and he fixed the master bedroom trim work, looks so much better. I think he will show up more this week to fix the trim in the other bedrooms as well. We have until Wednesday night to get everything painted, cleaned up and moved off the second floor so the floor guy can come make the floors look really pretty on Thursday. Tonight we will get a second coat on the hallway walls as well as a second coat on Jacob's ceiling and walls, and my uncle will work on trim work.
We also managed to loosen up that goofy stove in the kitchen, so now that can come out and the electrician can wire for the new one. Forgot about the rangehood, have to work on that next.
Jacob and Emma got a ton more of the floor out in the kitchen, will have to move the refrigerator to the porch tonight so we can finish the kitchen floor tonight.
I'm sure I'll have more pics to share later in the week.

Friday, December 5, 2008

We have a moving date!

Scott and I think we have come up with a moving date, so now we need your help. Helping us move would be awesome , we will not turn anyone away, but we need your help in a more spiritual matter. If you could all continue praying for this whole transition, we would be so thankfull. The move itself is overwhelming, but we have other things involved in this move, and they are 10 and 7, yup, Jacob and Emma need your prayers and continued support right now as we prepare to take this very large leap.
I know my kids pretty well, heck, I'm their mom, I can easily sense when something is off, and I know that something is way off, and it has alot to do with our move, and the change of schools. It probably doesn't help to have their mom just as upset about the change of schools as they are, but, it's really hard to say goodbye to such an awesome school.....
The kids need your prayers, that they will not be so stressed over the whole thing, that their anxieties will be calmed down and that they will just enjoy the entire experience and have an open outlook on what our future will bring.
Some prayers for nice weather on the 20th will also be apreciated, I can totally see a snow storm approaching that weekend, if it came Sunday it wouldn't bother me, but Saturday, come on!
We will keep everyone updated on the progress we are making, but the way it looks now, the 17th our floors should be done so that we can walk on them, which means the 20th is still a go!
Send us a note if you want to help.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Weekend work continues

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November 30th

We managed to get alot done this weekend, my body is telling me to stop, I've never hurt this much in my life, but I will press on, it has to get done!
The entire second floor is primed....Two bedrooms are practically done and the third was started yesterday with the first coat of color. The first floor living room which consists of two rooms is starting to get painted, the color we picked looks really nice and I managed to find some black friday deals for curtains in both the living room and kitchen, SCORE!
The two 10 year olds painted the laundry room last night, first coat, they did an awesome job.
My sister got the first coat on jakes room and zach and I finished the priming of the hallway and doors.
We are trying to get all the painting done before the people come to finish the floors on both levels. We know there will be patching and such to do after the painting being that the electrician decided to not show for an entire week! But I'm over that now and I'm gonna keep going.
The floor is almost out of the kitchen, that sucker is hard to pull out, let me tell ya, and when someone is taking it out, everyone else in the house has to wear ear plugs cause it's so loud.
Hopefully I'll have more to show ya by the weekend.

Thanksgiving 2008

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Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving was spent at my parents house this year, it usually is, we had Scott's dad over as well to share in the festivities with us. Mom went all out as usual, turkey, ham, homeade stuffing (20lbs of it) asparagus, sweet potatoes, corn, cranberry sauce, homeade fruit salad, rolls and it goes on. When we were done eating, we helped clean up and then we started a new tradition, we helped pop pop set up his Christmas decorations. This usually ends up being something that we try to do one weekend before christmas, but, I thought it be best to do it when everyone was together. It went so well, we have to continue the tradition. When we were done decorating, it was time for desert! That was fun, and yummy! After that we relaxed, and then we all headed home, we had a 3am wake up to go shopping the next day!