Friday, December 5, 2008

We have a moving date!

Scott and I think we have come up with a moving date, so now we need your help. Helping us move would be awesome , we will not turn anyone away, but we need your help in a more spiritual matter. If you could all continue praying for this whole transition, we would be so thankfull. The move itself is overwhelming, but we have other things involved in this move, and they are 10 and 7, yup, Jacob and Emma need your prayers and continued support right now as we prepare to take this very large leap.
I know my kids pretty well, heck, I'm their mom, I can easily sense when something is off, and I know that something is way off, and it has alot to do with our move, and the change of schools. It probably doesn't help to have their mom just as upset about the change of schools as they are, but, it's really hard to say goodbye to such an awesome school.....
The kids need your prayers, that they will not be so stressed over the whole thing, that their anxieties will be calmed down and that they will just enjoy the entire experience and have an open outlook on what our future will bring.
Some prayers for nice weather on the 20th will also be apreciated, I can totally see a snow storm approaching that weekend, if it came Sunday it wouldn't bother me, but Saturday, come on!
We will keep everyone updated on the progress we are making, but the way it looks now, the 17th our floors should be done so that we can walk on them, which means the 20th is still a go!
Send us a note if you want to help.

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charlie said...

Unfortunately, I'm not able to help physically. I am able to be a prayer warrior for you and your family during your move. Most importantly, I'll be praying for Jacob and Emma during this transition. Change is never easy...I'll be praying as you all have many changes to look forward to, and many anxieties over the unknown! May you feel Gods peace and presence.