Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sad day for our Country

The saddest part about this whole shooting in Arizona, in my own personal opinion, is the disregard by people of just how devastating this shooting is, when their focus is on how, when and who reported what.

I'm tired of arguing with people and trying to make them see that their simple mindedness is just insane when we are hearing about six people dying because of some off the wall 22 year old....oh, but who reported it first, and who reported she died, and who reported this....get over yourselves already.

Reporters are on the scene to report what they HEAR, every single news station reported that this Congresswoman butts about wasn't until maybe a half hour afterwards that the stations started pulling back on that report and correcting what was reported, yet also stating that they are reporting what they are TOLD from the scene of the incident.

A 9 year old girl died yesterday. My daughter is 9 years old, this little girl who died was studying our political system in her school and a neighbor of hers thought it would be interesting to go to this event...she gave her life, an innocent child...did nothing to this whack job who shot all these people. It kills me inside to think that most of the talk yesterday and today had to do with a news station and not the fact that people died.

People, pray for these people who were injured, who have died, pray for the officials trying to figure this whole ordeal out. Stop being so ridiculous about how things are reported.