Thursday, November 20, 2008


We have finally picked paint. After numerous trips to Lowes for sample chips and cans..........We have picked paint.
I'll post pictures of the paint chips, but let me tell ya, the colors are way off in the pictures, so for now, you can look at the chips and criticize our choices.......and then when it's done and I post pics of the finished rooms you can eat your words! How does that sound? LOL, just kidding, we went with very natural earthy spicy colors..............

In the Kitchen, since we have so many windows, we figured we could go a little darker on the walls
Walls Lyndhurst Stone
Trim Autumn Surprise and Mark Twain House Brown

In the two rooms that will consist of a living room and an extension of that living room, with pocket doors and tons of intricate original molding and trim we picked
walls Homestead Resort Pumpkin
Trim Molera Garden Ochre
Doors and more trim Grecian Olive

In the laundry room, otherwise known as the porch with all the windows...we went with
walls Homestead Resort Olive
window trim Desert Grass
and we picked a neat indoor/outdoor carpet to go with

For the master bedroom we went away from the pumpkin that is in our room now to something a bit more manly......but I really wanted to do blues and this is what we got
walls Silver Fox
windows and trim Moon Shade
And I put a sample of our bedroom fabric in the picture as well

This picture is the perfect example of the picture just being way will look much better when it's painted

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