Monday, November 3, 2008

Pressing On!

We got a little more done on the house this weekend. All of the wall paper is off! That's an accomplishment, let me tell ya. I still have some glue to get off the walls in Jacob's room but other than that, were ready to sand and spackle.
The electrician started last week and it puts a smile on my face to know that this is getting done and I am just a little closer each day to moving in. This weekend we will start repairing cracks and filling holes and fixing ceilings with spackle, 5 gallons of spackle might I add.
The tin has been ordered for the ceiling in the kitchen and the fan came Friday.
The wood stove has been doing an awesome job of keeping us toasty while we work, and we can totally feel how well it will do once all the ceiling fans are in and we have a few heat vents in the floor, what a difference that will make.
I'm hoping my camera cooperates with me this weekend so I can take some pictures.

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