Thursday, March 31, 2011

One day down!

We have completed our first day with our six new babies. I was one worried Momma last night though, checking the temp in their brooder box, making sure it didn't go too low , stayed up late doing wash so I could peek in on them and adjust their light if need be. They seem to have done well overnight, they were all asleep when I came down this AM.

I noticed the pine shavings were pretty wet, they are messy birds, love to get wet and make a mess of their water feeder, I had to shovel out the pine shavings and add fresh ones this morning.

Also had to check some vents, two of them were kind of messy, they had a nice warm cloth on their bums to clean them off, then they also had messy belly's, fixed that as well, the funny part was as soon as the warm cloth went on their belly, they fell asleep in your hand. They really are the sweetest little things, will definitely be enjoying their smallness the next few weeks, they grow up fast.

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fullfreezer said...

We have chicks arriving in a few weeks. I can't wait. While I love chickens it is too bad that they don't stay cute and fuzzy for longer.