Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Awesome weather!

Wow, I hate to see the last time I updated my blog, makes me upset to know that I have deserted the one thing I love to do! I love reading many blogs online and finding new ideas for the house or the garden.
The weather since Friday has been awesome in the Lehigh Valley area and I have taken advantage of it. I have been off from the candy store for a few days so that left me an entire day to spring clean, a weekend of hanging out wash, a chimney cleaning and I even found time to cook out on the charcoal grill and have a fire pit. That's alot.

Tonight I'm back to the candy store with my favorite girls. Easter is on the way, so the candy must be packaged and sold for all those lucky Easter baskets.

I have to get my garden ready for spring peas, they must be in the ground by st. patricks day....that's my goal. That is also the goal of the amish as well, who I might say are also busy at work in their gardens as I witnessed this weekend. I so enjoy sitting by the side of the road and just watching them as they work, not a care in the world.

So here is my goal now, to blog at least once a week for the next month, and then to move that to twice a week and so on.......

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