Friday, June 12, 2009

It's almost time

For the kids to be home for the summer and school to be out. That leaves me with many thought of excitement, and worry. I'm excited because I know my kids need a break. Their new school has been much more demanding than the old one, and even though they only spent a half year at this school, I can see how wiped out they are. I worry because of the schedule we will have to keep for the kids. I know I have all the confidence in the world that if my kids are the pool, my sister is there to keep an eye on them, yet I worry when they are at home in the morning while Daddy sleeps, that they are not fighting, or eating a bunch of crap they shouldn't....stuff like that.

Our summer will involve many new things for us as well. Jacob will spend one day a week with a tutor for about an hour, catching him up on all the 5th grade work he will have when school starts in again. Jacob would like to head to some day camps and Emma, well, she would be happy just staying with her momma for a while and not doing anything, something I need to spend my summer working on.

We have lots of things planned already and the summer isn't even here! Church functions, family from out of town, the kids going out of town for a bit, scott and I working in our yard and maybe putting a new patio in...time at the just feels really busy....which can be good and bad.