Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm determined!

I took the plunge...my constant craving to learn to do penny rugs has overtaken me...I ordered the kit shown above...that is what it should look like when it's done...I'll take pictures as I get things done...and I may end up taking it with me during my visit to Suzanne's to figure out what I'm doing wrong (notice my train of thought already) it's that blanket stitch that has me scared.

Monday, February 23, 2009

When will the weather change?

Normally, if you know me well, you know that I love winter. It's quiet, nothing is happening, and I can stay captured in my cottage and dread what comes with summer. Well, something has changed, I'm no longer living in the cottage and I'm very anxious to get outside and explore the yard, gardens, flowers....just to work my hands in the ground and really make it a home.
It's not to say I don't miss the cottage, I have tons of things to miss about it, after all, it's where "we" began, so it will always hold tons of memories for us. But times change, people change, people grow...and we have to move on.
So I am very anxious for the weather to change. I have many plans and I want to get started.
We are working now towards renovating the outside of our home...it's needed, in a desperate way.
We are putting together the roof estimates now and will have the house brick pointed starting tomorrow. That leaves tree work and possibly a patio...but..let's see where we get.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Kitchen lighting

Ok, so not everyone is a fan of my idea of primitives...but I think my lights turned out pretty cool, and they don't at all conform to the norm...which, well that's pretty much us!
So the electrician...shall I say it...is DONE! I still can't believe it's done, but it is. I finished my basket lights and he hung them this week. The ceiling won't be finished for some time, we have to paint the tin pieces and that requires space, or the yard! So by early summer I should be able to lay out my tin, paint it, age it and hang it.
Here are our new kitchen lights, made by me..hung by my electrician. This weekend we plan to hang the coal sifter lights...pictures will follow after that.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let the garden begin

I am finally able to do what I have been wanting to do for so many years. Plan my garden! Yesterday I ordered so many seeds, that I will start myself, in my new home, with the big open field that I can't wait to use.
I think I have 6 different tomatoes starting....some hanging basket tomatoes that are cherry size, cucumbers for pickling and for eating, a couple different lettuces....red, orange, yellow and green peppers, brussel sprouts, onions..I know there are more but they are not coming to me right now.

I also ordered one of my most favorite flowers, gladiolus.....why is this my favorite? A long time ago my husband made me walk around this place called Mt. Gretna. While in Mt. Gretna looking at all the neat cottages, some old, some modern, some just cute as can be...I noticed that all the cottages had these long pretty flowers on the porches...this started my fascination. These flowers do not grow in shade, they love sun, so they never grew at our old house. Our new house has tons of sun.....and the side of my house and garage will look lovely with all these gladiolus growing in the colors of red, white, purple/blue and yellow....can't wait.

So next week will involve starting all of my seeds...and taking tender loving care of them so that I can hardy them up for their new spot in our big yard.

Can't wait to share pictures!