Monday, February 23, 2009

When will the weather change?

Normally, if you know me well, you know that I love winter. It's quiet, nothing is happening, and I can stay captured in my cottage and dread what comes with summer. Well, something has changed, I'm no longer living in the cottage and I'm very anxious to get outside and explore the yard, gardens, flowers....just to work my hands in the ground and really make it a home.
It's not to say I don't miss the cottage, I have tons of things to miss about it, after all, it's where "we" began, so it will always hold tons of memories for us. But times change, people change, people grow...and we have to move on.
So I am very anxious for the weather to change. I have many plans and I want to get started.
We are working now towards renovating the outside of our's needed, in a desperate way.
We are putting together the roof estimates now and will have the house brick pointed starting tomorrow. That leaves tree work and possibly a patio...but..let's see where we get.

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