Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Learning To Let Go.....

It's been very hard for me this week to "let go" of my first born child. Jacob isn't a little kid anymore, he's almost 12 and he's maturing emotionally so very quickly....too quickly for his Mom....I'm learning this week that sometimes, I have to put the well being and safety of my children in the hands of others. For a parent, that's one of the hardest things to do.

I spent the first day or two of this week in utter worry...why? I have no idea, I have nothing to really worry about, except for the fact that my soon to be 12 year old is 45 minutes a place that I just loved for three summers of my life...a place where if i could go back in time...I would go back to 1987-1989...Twin Pines Camp....those were the years where I learned to have confidence in myself, where I taught other children about the love of Jesus Christ, and where I made some of the bestest friends...friends I've lost touch with...and have now reconnected with in some way because guessed it...FACEBOOK!

Jacob is now half way through his first full week at Twin the woods...with a good friend from Church..and I'm hoping they are having a blast with all they get to do this week.

I've gotten over my worry and it's only Wednesday! I look forward every morning to signing on and viewing the photos from the previous days events, anticipating seeing Jacob in the photos.

I'm learning this week...learning to adjust to the fact that my 11 pound first born baby is now an almost 12 year old middle schooler who can do alot without his Mom....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

9 years ago today

My sweet Emma was born. Nine years has gone fast...faster than I would have liked, but she is growing up into such a neat little girl....she gives us our fair share of minor torment, but she is such a sweet heart, from her caring side of always asking about a friends little girl named Caitlyn, to her giving side when she is "looking" for things to do around the house for mom, to her adventurous side of checking out the mulberry trees in the yard for berries...she is my little sweet Emma.

We knew Emma was a girl from the start. We wanted a girl to complete our little family. Our experiences during the pregnancy were scary none the less....from the umbilical hernia surgery while 6 months pregnant, to two hospital stays once she was here.....and then the whole insulin dose every day...she was worth it, well worth it.

She's grown up so much the past two years alone, I can hear her voice changing, her questions becoming more serious, her reading becoming more intriguing.....she's definitely forming her own little that I will enjoy watching mature over time.

I'm going to surprise her tonight with a little store bought cake, since we already celebrated her birthday this weekend and I put most of my effort into making her cake already, I think she would enjoy a little cake on the actual day of her birthday.

Happy Birthday little Emma, I love you so very have no idea.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

One more day....

At the beach and then we head home. It's been eventful, I can say that for sure, changing by the day, that's a fact....but it's been spent with family, and nothing can compare to spending quality time with your family.

It's been nice and cool with no humidity the past two days so yesterday we visited the OC MD boardwalk. Had our lunch on the boardwalk, came home and Scott made us dinner. Mixed a few bike rides in there and some walks to town. Last night we played on the beach while Pop and Wendy listened to the band concert on the boardwalk.

I went for another walk to town this morning, I think this is one of my favorite things to do here. Town is so darn close and everything is within walking distance, I love this place. Spent the day on the beach again today, wasn't real hot so it was nice to just sit and relax.

Scott took his new "old" video tape recorder out and used it a bit to practice shooting while I took the bike for a spin. Later in the evening we walked up to town and listened to the army band again, saw dad go up and stand while they sang a song to the veterans. Had some really yummy ice cream and custard at dickies....yummmmmm.

Now were back at the house and were tired, especially with getting up early in the am, I mean, a girl needs her coffee...right?