Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Will it get better?

Just when you think you might have one child under control and content with their new school...the next one starts.

Poor Emma. This is so incredibly hard for her. I'm not saying this school is worse than their old school, they just do things differently, and Emma is having a very hard time with the changes.

Much of her problems don't even revolve around school, it's the bus. There really is no sense of stability in the bussing. Let me rephrase that...In their old school, they were called over the PA by their bus number, if you were on that bus, you lined up and followed the fellow bus riders out to that bus, very orderly. In this school, you are released by grade, you are let free to find your bus! This is hard for her, she worries she will find the wrong bus, that her brother won't get released in time to make it on and the bus will leave without her...she worries. Two mornings now of nothing but tears...it's heartbreaking. Pray for Emma, pray that she has peace about this whole bus thing and that she starts to feel in control of the situation.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Snuggling and Bread

Yeah, I'm ready to relax...finally. Scott tells me there are talks of snow this weekend. I would love to just snuggle my kids after their long and stressful week and watch movies, make popcorn (eh, nevermind, need a microwave for that, we still don't have one) ok, how about homeade bread, I am craving homeade bread. Anyone know if bread that's made will stay good in a freezer? When I make something I like to go all out and make alot and freeze stuff.....have to look that up.

The kids made it on their bus this morning with no problems. First times are rough times here of late with my kids, but they seemed to do well.

Can't wait to hear how it went once they got to school, I'm worried that Emma found her class ok.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Will this day be better?

It looks like it may be. Jacob had no problems saying goodbye this morning and wandering off down the hall to his class, while Emma needed some help, it is a very big school and it will take some time for her to find her way. Luckily I was able to walk her down and help her figure out where she was going.

The kids had an early dismissal today due to no snow falling.......yeah, that's what I said, there is nothing happenin' and the kids got out early. I had the chance to talk to Jake about school, he said it went much better today and that I didn't have to email his Math teacher because he figured it all out with her and things will be fine.

What a relief. Now to take Jake to the doctor and find out if there could possibly be something wrong or if it's just the stress of a new school and new beginnings

Monday, January 5, 2009


Today brings about a new transition for us....A new school. No one slept well in our house last night. It was to be expected and we used alot of TLC this morning to coax the kids to eat their breakfast and get dressed with a little bit of enthusiasm. Emma was the complete opposite of herself on her orientation day, she was excited, jabbering away to the point where I could not think! Jacob, again, complete opposite, he was reserved, scared, his belly hurt...and it goes on. We managed to get out the door and drive the 5 minutes or less to school.

Today's day consisted of Scott and I going into school with them, and then it was all new to us as well. We figured we would drop them off and just wonder where they were going for class and what they would do, but we were pleasently suprised.

We left the office to head somewhere, we were not sure where, and there was another student with us and her mother so they were just as confused. As we waited in the lobby for our aide, people started welcoming us and we had no idea where they were, little did we know they were on the big tv behind us! It was two 5th graders doing the morning announcements on TV! That peaked Jakes interest. They also did the pledge of allegience and a song, which was neat, everything stopped for that. Then our aide came back and she hurried us on...we had no idea where "on" was. We ended up at the room where the morning announcements were being done! The kids were quietly moved into the room........and in a matter of seconds they were the announcements! It was really sweet to see Mrs. Kemp introduce each of the kids, tell what school and district they came from, what grade and what teacher they would be heading off to! Scott and I were a little scared that our 4th grader would be so freaked by the sudden camera on him and his belly ache that he would puke on camera, but he didn't, he even cracked a smile! After that we were off to their new classroom, and Mom and Dad were very happy to be able to meet their teacher and see where they were going. First we dropped of Jacob at Mrs. Dobbs class. I instantly took note of the fact that Mrs. Dobbs pulled Jakes desk next to another student so he wouldn't feel so alone, he smiled, proceeded to put his lunch pack aside and his coat, and he was ready for his day, with a tear in my eye, I waved goodbye....
Next was Emma, we walked over to the 2nd grade area and met Mrs. Fehlinger. She was very sweet and Emma walked right in with no hesitation. I called her for a kiss and off she went. After that we walked out of there as fast as we could, I didn't want to have any kids chasing after me!
I know they are doing fine and in about two hours now I'll pick them up and hear all about their exciting day! Thank you to everyone who has kept them in their prayers, I know I'll find out from Jacob later that his belly ache went away and he will tell me that Jesus made it better, like I said He would.