Thursday, January 8, 2009

Snuggling and Bread

Yeah, I'm ready to relax...finally. Scott tells me there are talks of snow this weekend. I would love to just snuggle my kids after their long and stressful week and watch movies, make popcorn (eh, nevermind, need a microwave for that, we still don't have one) ok, how about homeade bread, I am craving homeade bread. Anyone know if bread that's made will stay good in a freezer? When I make something I like to go all out and make alot and freeze stuff.....have to look that up.

The kids made it on their bus this morning with no problems. First times are rough times here of late with my kids, but they seemed to do well.

Can't wait to hear how it went once they got to school, I'm worried that Emma found her class ok.

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