Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School

It has arrived...with less fanfare than I had expected. Weird, I was picturing stomache aches, kids not waking up, not wanting to eat breakfast....none of it. Sure, they were a little slow, or, one of them was, but they managed to get themselves together and eat a little something before being walked to the bus stop with Mom and Dad.

There were smiles everywhere when the kids started walking up to the bus stop, lots of Hi's and "How was your summer"....one neighbor we know lost her job in June so she has been job hunting for a while.

There was no turning back when the bus arrived, my kids were the first ones on it! Hoping the day went well and anxious as ever to see them after school and find out all the details. Taking them on our traditional night out to dinner tonight to relax and talk about our day. I miss my kids.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Vacation is over

And it's time to get back to a normal routine, one that doesn't include swimming every day but that does involve yard work, revamping a garden and flower beds and getting to work on some painting that I want to have done by the Holiday's.

We started our list last night and we are preparing to begin our life following the money principals of Dave Ramsey. I could kick myself for not following what he has said for years now.

Trying to get the house and the kids rooms in order so we can start school next week. Tonight starts soccer practice already....where the time has gone I have no idea.

Maybe I can finally get the time to update my blog the way I planned when I started it...we shall see.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Vacation time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are in need of a family vacation like never before. We have put off planning this for month, hee hawed back and forth as to weather we should bite the bullet or just can it. The kids are what convinced us we needed this. When I look back to this past year and all that we have gone through, I see a family that is in need of some together time like never before. Sure, some will say "but your always with your kids" not really, I'm working most days and when I'm not were trying to get stuff done at home or driving to the pool where the kids get to enjoy being with the rest of their family. The quiet, just the four of us time is a long time coming.

Stress has been my middle name recently, from work, to personal health issues, to my kids and Scott's health, it's been a roller coaster ride of sorts and we haven't had the time to refocus and get back on track.

This week ahead we will do just that. Were heading to the beach in OC maryland tomorrow. I've got 3 books to go with me, Scott will pick up numerous papers and magazines along the way that I'm sure I'll find in our house next summer some time cause he hides em' on me. The kids will want to bring home some sort of sea creature (that I have already told them will put off the cat purchase, so they changed their mind) And hopefully mom will have some nice time to read and just sit on the beach.

We have all of our meals planned out, food for the beach is packed , kids are packed, hubby is packed, tonight mom gets to clean out the car and pack that as well.

Time to focus on us for a while, get kids familiar with what kind of routine they will have when we come home, and get them excited about school starting. Yeah right.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Is it really August?

The summer, or what we had of one, is almost near it's end. It went really fast in my opinion, in the kids as well....It's almost school time but not before we get one vacation in to relax before the nerves kick in with Jacob and Emma.

Our garden adventures have been just that, adventures! I'm amazed at the little I accomplished so far with our garden. We are still up to our ears in cucumbers, and we have our pumpkin family now making it's appearance. The sunflowers didn't take, but I also didn't nurture them so they would, so that's my fault. The tomatoes, well they are beginning to come every day, especially those pretty chocolate ones! Can't wait to try them. We harvested all of our peas, three crops total, and we still have a ton of onions and peppers. Planning some fall crops as well and Scott has his mind set on revamping the entire space so he can drive the lawn tractor through, we shall see.

Our plan to focus on the kids and our family for the summer has gone well. Of course there are always bumps in the road....you drive around them and keep moving. I'm always telling the kids, you just don't know how long your going to have your grandparents around....treasure each day and hour you have with them, soak up as much of the silly stories they will tell you and enjoy both the good and bad days.

We have already started our school shopping, supplies is really all, clothing I think my kids are set with for a while.

Jacob has been doing so incredibly well with his tutor this summer. I know it sounds just awfull to think that your child will have to do school work over the summer, but that is the best money I've spent all summer. I'm encouraged by his progression so far and I know he will do well come the start of the new school year.

Friday, June 12, 2009

It's almost time

For the kids to be home for the summer and school to be out. That leaves me with many thought of excitement, and worry. I'm excited because I know my kids need a break. Their new school has been much more demanding than the old one, and even though they only spent a half year at this school, I can see how wiped out they are. I worry because of the schedule we will have to keep for the kids. I know I have all the confidence in the world that if my kids are the pool, my sister is there to keep an eye on them, yet I worry when they are at home in the morning while Daddy sleeps, that they are not fighting, or eating a bunch of crap they shouldn't....stuff like that.

Our summer will involve many new things for us as well. Jacob will spend one day a week with a tutor for about an hour, catching him up on all the 5th grade work he will have when school starts in again. Jacob would like to head to some day camps and Emma, well, she would be happy just staying with her momma for a while and not doing anything, something I need to spend my summer working on.

We have lots of things planned already and the summer isn't even here! Church functions, family from out of town, the kids going out of town for a bit, scott and I working in our yard and maybe putting a new patio in...time at the pool........it just feels really busy....which can be good and bad.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One of my saddest days

Yesterday was tough. Actually, tough is to easy of a word. Yesterday was hard, I never want to experience that again. We knew over the weekend that Redford wouldn't make it past Monday, but we were not prepared for the emotions we would feel when the time came.
I can't say that I had more emotion dealing with Redford's death than I did Lexingtons, I think I was more attached to Redford, therefore was more prepared and at peace with our decision.......it just hurt in a different way.

Redford was weighed in when we arrived at the vet, I wasn't sure what the purpose was of the weigh in, but I went along with it anyway. It hit me when I read his weight, he had gained almost 10 pounds since his visit the week and a half before. That was not a good sign, it wouldn't have changed our decision if it wasn't as high, but still, it sorta made it permanent that the decision we were making was best, no matter how much he was still smiling, wagging his tail, or getting excited at the sound of our voice.

In talking with the dr. we saw, she confirmed that his water weight gain in his belly was not better, that it was putting added stress on him and we could definately see that over the weekend. She had revealed to us that she was working the day Red was in for the ultrasound and x-ray and again mentioned that the results showed a very tiny Liver......which ended up being why he was holding onto the fluids.

Our Red was a trooper till the end, I can still see him, standing there, refusing to lay down, standing strong for mom and dad till the end. We kept talking to him, telling him it was ok to lay down, that we would hold him and talk to him the whole way through.....after the dose of sedative you could see his legs start to wiggle, like he needed to lay down but was being strong for us, that was Red, that was the Red we love......eventually with our help and the dr's help, we managed to get him to relax and lie down. I caressed his shoulder while Scott rubbed his cheek.....all while telling him how much he was loved, how much love he brought to our house, how he kept us all feeling safe when we moved in to the new house, how we will miss hearing him walk across the floors..........we told him to run....to cross the bridge happy and be free....no pain, no sorrow, just happy times with his family.

He was a trooper, he was pretty tough till the end, he didn't want to give in.....but he did.......the last thing I did was remove his collar from his neck, the blue one with the stars that I bought especially for him....I will treasure those memories....I will cherish that collar......I will miss Red.....I will always love Red......my very special fur baby.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

That's what today was. It wasn't that..."eventful"...probably because I know what's gonna happen tomorrow and I am very upset about it. I did get to spend the day with my Mom and Dad and my big Sis and her family, so that made it extra special, and of course my kids and husband were there and church was nice...but I have tons on my mind and it's really hard for me to focus on things will what I have to deal with tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dealing with another sick dog is not fun. Redford will be seen by the vet tomorrow for either bloat or some sort of infection in his stomach or kidney.

An Awesome Adventure Awaits

That awesome adventure is summer. It's our first summer in our new house. Things are changing very fast for us. The garden plots have been started, three so far, with about 6 more to come. With the heat wave we have had here in Allentown the past few days, there was no way I was going to dig and weed in a full sun garden, so instead I waited till the sun went down and walked the lawn mower in the areas the tractor couldn't reach.

Jacob has been a busy bee as well. We now consider him an expert at the tractor. Last night he managed to cut 3/4 of the yard himself..what a pro he has become.

I have also managed to sneak in some time just enjoying my new porch, well, it's not new, but for me, it's new and my rocker is just wonderful to sit on while just enjoying the cool breeze at night.

Among all the stuff we have to do at home, now that we are homeowners, we also have the stuff we always do, like pop pops pool, waldheim and much much more.

I'm just trying to figure out how were going to fit this all in this summer.

Here's to a peacefull, enjoyable, stress free summer on brookside road.
Trying something new! I just set my blog up to be able to post from my blackberry! Let's see if this works

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Roof Day

Today is the day we have been dreading for a while, the house we purchased back in October is getting a new lid! A nice new dark brownish colored roof! I'm excited, mainly because it's one more thing to check off my list that is finished. I like getting stuff done. Roof should be done by the end of the week. The next step are two other roofs on our house. We decided to call in a historical type company to come in and see if we can take the other two roofs back to their original tin state. I'll let ya know how that goes.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why is it

That the people in your life who treat you the worst, or would be the first to stab you in the back to save themselves, are the people to preach to you how you should act? I never understood that.
In my life, my own personal life, I have made an effort to welcome everyone, to help whoever I can that needs my help and to be a more open and honest person.

I will say that one other thing I have done is to keep those people who do exactly what I mentioned above, out of my life. For the very reason stated above, I chose to keep a distance from those people. Those people have hurt me in many ways, too many to go into detail.

I made an attempt, a small one, to crack open the door of communication....and bam...it was done again. Why does no one understand that but myself?

We just spent three weeks in church discussing forgiveness. I don't think I'm at that point yet. I understand the steps I need to take, the words I need to find to speak to these people, and I also know how great it will probably feel to tell these people they are forgiven...but I don't think I'm being honest with myself by saying those words.

So I think forgiveness...for me....has to wait.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's been a while.....

I'm in a funk....I really want the warmer weather. I see my seeds sprouting and calling me to plant them outside, yet I have to soothe them and tell them "not yet, but soon".

I want to get out and plant, compost, run around in the grass, sit on my porch and watch the kids play....this whole time change thing has me really bummed. I use to wake up with the sun, now I don't want to wake up and I'm really tired when I get home from work.

I'm hoping my hair cut today will change things. When my hair gets long, and thick, it frustrates me to no end. Here's hoping today's cut will enlighten and brighten my day.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm determined!

I took the plunge...my constant craving to learn to do penny rugs has overtaken me...I ordered the kit shown above...that is what it should look like when it's done...I'll take pictures as I get things done...and I may end up taking it with me during my visit to Suzanne's to figure out what I'm doing wrong (notice my train of thought already) it's that blanket stitch that has me scared.

Monday, February 23, 2009

When will the weather change?

Normally, if you know me well, you know that I love winter. It's quiet, nothing is happening, and I can stay captured in my cottage and dread what comes with summer. Well, something has changed, I'm no longer living in the cottage and I'm very anxious to get outside and explore the yard, gardens, flowers....just to work my hands in the ground and really make it a home.
It's not to say I don't miss the cottage, I have tons of things to miss about it, after all, it's where "we" began, so it will always hold tons of memories for us. But times change, people change, people grow...and we have to move on.
So I am very anxious for the weather to change. I have many plans and I want to get started.
We are working now towards renovating the outside of our home...it's needed, in a desperate way.
We are putting together the roof estimates now and will have the house brick pointed starting tomorrow. That leaves tree work and possibly a patio...but..let's see where we get.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Kitchen lighting

Ok, so not everyone is a fan of my idea of primitives...but I think my lights turned out pretty cool, and they don't at all conform to the norm...which, well that's pretty much us!
So the electrician...shall I say it...is DONE! I still can't believe it's done, but it is. I finished my basket lights and he hung them this week. The ceiling won't be finished for some time, we have to paint the tin pieces and that requires space, or the yard! So by early summer I should be able to lay out my tin, paint it, age it and hang it.
Here are our new kitchen lights, made by me..hung by my electrician. This weekend we plan to hang the coal sifter lights...pictures will follow after that.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let the garden begin

I am finally able to do what I have been wanting to do for so many years. Plan my garden! Yesterday I ordered so many seeds, that I will start myself, in my new home, with the big open field that I can't wait to use.
I think I have 6 different tomatoes starting....some hanging basket tomatoes that are cherry size, cucumbers for pickling and for eating, a couple different lettuces....red, orange, yellow and green peppers, brussel sprouts, onions..I know there are more but they are not coming to me right now.

I also ordered one of my most favorite flowers, gladiolus.....why is this my favorite? A long time ago my husband made me walk around this place called Mt. Gretna. While in Mt. Gretna looking at all the neat cottages, some old, some modern, some just cute as can be...I noticed that all the cottages had these long pretty flowers on the porches...this started my fascination. These flowers do not grow in shade, they love sun, so they never grew at our old house. Our new house has tons of sun.....and the side of my house and garage will look lovely with all these gladiolus growing in the colors of red, white, purple/blue and yellow....can't wait.

So next week will involve starting all of my seeds...and taking tender loving care of them so that I can hardy them up for their new spot in our big yard.

Can't wait to share pictures!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Will it get better?

Just when you think you might have one child under control and content with their new school...the next one starts.

Poor Emma. This is so incredibly hard for her. I'm not saying this school is worse than their old school, they just do things differently, and Emma is having a very hard time with the changes.

Much of her problems don't even revolve around school, it's the bus. There really is no sense of stability in the bussing. Let me rephrase that...In their old school, they were called over the PA by their bus number, if you were on that bus, you lined up and followed the fellow bus riders out to that bus, very orderly. In this school, you are released by grade, you are let free to find your bus! This is hard for her, she worries she will find the wrong bus, that her brother won't get released in time to make it on and the bus will leave without her...she worries. Two mornings now of nothing but tears...it's heartbreaking. Pray for Emma, pray that she has peace about this whole bus thing and that she starts to feel in control of the situation.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Snuggling and Bread

Yeah, I'm ready to relax...finally. Scott tells me there are talks of snow this weekend. I would love to just snuggle my kids after their long and stressful week and watch movies, make popcorn (eh, nevermind, need a microwave for that, we still don't have one) ok, how about homeade bread, I am craving homeade bread. Anyone know if bread that's made will stay good in a freezer? When I make something I like to go all out and make alot and freeze stuff.....have to look that up.

The kids made it on their bus this morning with no problems. First times are rough times here of late with my kids, but they seemed to do well.

Can't wait to hear how it went once they got to school, I'm worried that Emma found her class ok.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Will this day be better?

It looks like it may be. Jacob had no problems saying goodbye this morning and wandering off down the hall to his class, while Emma needed some help, it is a very big school and it will take some time for her to find her way. Luckily I was able to walk her down and help her figure out where she was going.

The kids had an early dismissal today due to no snow falling.......yeah, that's what I said, there is nothing happenin' and the kids got out early. I had the chance to talk to Jake about school, he said it went much better today and that I didn't have to email his Math teacher because he figured it all out with her and things will be fine.

What a relief. Now to take Jake to the doctor and find out if there could possibly be something wrong or if it's just the stress of a new school and new beginnings

Monday, January 5, 2009


Today brings about a new transition for us....A new school. No one slept well in our house last night. It was to be expected and we used alot of TLC this morning to coax the kids to eat their breakfast and get dressed with a little bit of enthusiasm. Emma was the complete opposite of herself on her orientation day, she was excited, jabbering away to the point where I could not think! Jacob, again, complete opposite, he was reserved, scared, his belly hurt...and it goes on. We managed to get out the door and drive the 5 minutes or less to school.

Today's day consisted of Scott and I going into school with them, and then it was all new to us as well. We figured we would drop them off and just wonder where they were going for class and what they would do, but we were pleasently suprised.

We left the office to head somewhere, we were not sure where, and there was another student with us and her mother so they were just as confused. As we waited in the lobby for our aide, people started welcoming us and we had no idea where they were, little did we know they were on the big tv behind us! It was two 5th graders doing the morning announcements on TV! That peaked Jakes interest. They also did the pledge of allegience and a song, which was neat, everything stopped for that. Then our aide came back and she hurried us on...we had no idea where "on" was. We ended up at the room where the morning announcements were being done! The kids were quietly moved into the room........and in a matter of seconds they were the announcements! It was really sweet to see Mrs. Kemp introduce each of the kids, tell what school and district they came from, what grade and what teacher they would be heading off to! Scott and I were a little scared that our 4th grader would be so freaked by the sudden camera on him and his belly ache that he would puke on camera, but he didn't, he even cracked a smile! After that we were off to their new classroom, and Mom and Dad were very happy to be able to meet their teacher and see where they were going. First we dropped of Jacob at Mrs. Dobbs class. I instantly took note of the fact that Mrs. Dobbs pulled Jakes desk next to another student so he wouldn't feel so alone, he smiled, proceeded to put his lunch pack aside and his coat, and he was ready for his day, with a tear in my eye, I waved goodbye....
Next was Emma, we walked over to the 2nd grade area and met Mrs. Fehlinger. She was very sweet and Emma walked right in with no hesitation. I called her for a kiss and off she went. After that we walked out of there as fast as we could, I didn't want to have any kids chasing after me!
I know they are doing fine and in about two hours now I'll pick them up and hear all about their exciting day! Thank you to everyone who has kept them in their prayers, I know I'll find out from Jacob later that his belly ache went away and he will tell me that Jesus made it better, like I said He would.