Friday, August 7, 2009

Is it really August?

The summer, or what we had of one, is almost near it's end. It went really fast in my opinion, in the kids as well....It's almost school time but not before we get one vacation in to relax before the nerves kick in with Jacob and Emma.

Our garden adventures have been just that, adventures! I'm amazed at the little I accomplished so far with our garden. We are still up to our ears in cucumbers, and we have our pumpkin family now making it's appearance. The sunflowers didn't take, but I also didn't nurture them so they would, so that's my fault. The tomatoes, well they are beginning to come every day, especially those pretty chocolate ones! Can't wait to try them. We harvested all of our peas, three crops total, and we still have a ton of onions and peppers. Planning some fall crops as well and Scott has his mind set on revamping the entire space so he can drive the lawn tractor through, we shall see.

Our plan to focus on the kids and our family for the summer has gone well. Of course there are always bumps in the drive around them and keep moving. I'm always telling the kids, you just don't know how long your going to have your grandparents around....treasure each day and hour you have with them, soak up as much of the silly stories they will tell you and enjoy both the good and bad days.

We have already started our school shopping, supplies is really all, clothing I think my kids are set with for a while.

Jacob has been doing so incredibly well with his tutor this summer. I know it sounds just awfull to think that your child will have to do school work over the summer, but that is the best money I've spent all summer. I'm encouraged by his progression so far and I know he will do well come the start of the new school year.

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