Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Christmas and New Years are over....the tree is down, the bins need to go up and the Valentines need to come out....but the garden needs to be sketched out as well! This has got to be one of my favorite times of the winter. I remember last winter, we had recently moved into our new house (err...100 yr old house) but new to us none the less!
I knew that with the amount of property I had and the amount of sun light and success that Nana Schaeffer had, I could have a pretty neat garden.
I will admit that last years garden was a "I can do this just wait and see" type of garden, and I did, with over abundance and some really tart pickles to try out in the end. But this year it will be different, everyone sais that , I know, but it will, cause now the hubby is involved. He realized after everything I harvested just how much we got from our garden, that we could level up and make an even better garden. So he is planning now as well. We tore down all the vegetable beds already and we will start the sketching soon. His main objective is to have vegetable beds that we can drive the tractor around to cut the grass. This could get interesting.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome 2010!

Where to begin? At the begining! What a year we left behind. I'm honestly glad that 2009 is over. You can ask my husband, but I hate odd numbers, I think they are cursed.
I enjoy opening the door to a new year and an even year at that.

Our family is looking forward to some changes in 2010. We want to eat healthier, garden alot more, spend more time with family (we can check that one off already) and just enjoy the time we have with each other. Time is so short....every moment has to be cherished.

The kids are doing awesome in school! I'm so glad for that and for the obstacles they have overcome so far.

I have started working a second job at a local candy store and have made some awesome friendships. I know I was put there for a reason.....and I'm so very glad.