Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's been a week!

Since we got our chicks and what a difference a week makes. They went from furry little fuzz balls that chirp to strong winged fuzz balls that can yell!

We certainly are having a blast with them though, I especially love when you hold one and it feels all warm and secure in your hand and falls asleep, how sweet.

They moved into a huge water heater box a few days ago because we noticed them "lifting off" pretty often, so I wanted something with higher sides.

We also put a wooden dowel through the box for them to practice pirching.....and they love it.

Yesterday we wanted to clean the box out completely so we moved them back into their old clear box for a bit so we could do some cleaning, then once I realized I didn't have the room to clean out the box in the laundry room I decided to place the chicks in the living room while I cleaned....well...out came chazzy kitty to check out all the noise, I took a few pics but saved one of my favorites for this post, I'm sure my husband's blog will have more of the pics soon, I saved one especially for his blog as well.