Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 3...and the heat continues

It's wicked hot here on Bethany Beach. This isn't always a bad thing if you plan to spend your days on the beach and in the ice cold ocean water. That's what we did today again, there was a cool breeze off the ocean which made it nice to sit...but the kids got bored yet again and we ended up leaving in spurts....It was still a nice day at the beach and once again I think I look like the indian that my parents brought home from the

Tonight was eat out night, so we went over to Harpoon Hana's for dinner. Once we sat down the storms started, it got pretty windy and we saw some pretty cool lightning, but by the time we left it was all over. The fun began when we got back to Bethany and realized we had no power and the streets had some pretty nice size puddles!

Let the games begin! The kids pulled out their games and Scott and Jake and I ran to the grocery store for some food and candles. I would say all together we may have been out of power two hours, not bad..especially with this heat.

We didn't go anywhere tonight, pretty pooped from being in the sun two days...tomorrow is always another day.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day Two...the adventure continues

Jacob and I started out day two at the farmers market two blocks cute that was! Lots of homegrown produce, the fresh peaches smelled awesome so we had to grab some, we bought some fresh organic cheese and tomatoes and cukes.....corn was $1 a piece, so we passed on that.

We readied for the beach after that. Spent the whole day there, Jake ended up with a headache, but we think it was more him wanting to rent his bike, Aunt Wendy ended up taking the kids up to the boardwalk to look for sunglasses and stuff so Scooter and I caught a nap on the beach. By the afternoon the wind picked up and we were actually a bit chilly...but it was nice.

Once we arrived back at the house everyone showered and I drove the boys up to rent their bikes for the week. I drove home and they went for a ride. Pop Pop even went for a few rides with Jake once we were all home!

Aunt Wendy make us a yummy pork loin for dinner tonight, she's a good cook! The kids all went to the park after dinner and then Scott and I took all the kids for a walk around town so they could look at all the stuff they wanted but couldn't afford.

While up in town tonight we noticed people running to the beach, we walked down to see what the excitement was and found out that someone caught a shark on the beach, it wasn't a big one, but a supposed shark none the less, the police were keeping people back, pretty exciting....

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vacation Day One-Bethany Beach

It was smooth sailing the entire trip down, traffic was null and void, nothing on the road caused a problem.....that could have been the problem. Once we got to Bethany beach and figured out where the house was, we ran and grabbed was a little later, but we were hungry. The kids were anxious to see inside, so we waited for Aunt Wendy to arrive with the Key and off they went exploring the house.

The kids are in love, it's a big house with lots of room for them to have fun in. The adults on the other hand are wiped out. Scott so much so that he felt faint...achey...kinda concerned cause we just went through something like this with him last month and we still, or rather, the doctors still can't figure it out. We all have our theories, but we have Nurse Wendy with us this week to see to it that he's ok.

We were not starving for dinner and we want to keep Scott's meals kinda mild, so we explored town a bit and took a walk, the beach is two blocks down, as are like 4 coffee shops, pizza shop, subway, surf shops, french fries, you name it, it's here.

Tomorrow morning bright and early there is a farmers market that will set up in the bank lot two blocks down , you can bet were stopping down there to see what we can find.

We found a few seafood places where we can get fresh seafood and cook here at the house, that's always fun.

Right now every one is back and vegging...Emma is showered and the Shook girls are watching a movie, it's been a long day and I really just want a night where I can sleep (in a king size bed this time) and not wake up at 5am...I think I get that from my dad...thanks entire week of waking at 5 am for no reason alarm, nothing...hate it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Yeah, that's the last time I blogged...been to long yet again.

It's been busy since April. The second job has let up a bit, so I have more time with the kids and the house...not enough with the house but at least that means I'm with the kids.

The vegetable garden is in, I have tomatoes already , kinda early I think but, I'm not complaining. My cucumbers are taking off like crazy and my pepper plants look really healthy, crossing fingers that nothing invades. I put three raspberry bushes in and am hoping to put my five grape vines in tonight. I also cleared off part of the hill and have that planted...along with two strawberry plants...they are already producing fruit!

The tractor has been giving us issues for a while now, but we have realized that prayer works...even on a tractor!

The kids have gotten over the "I want chickens" phase, especially since the pool opened.

This week were preparing for vacation, this time with Scott's sister and her family as well as Scott's dad......should be nice, the cousins get to "hang" for an entire week....

Today was also the kids last day of school, they are relieved...and mommy fears they will want to stay up as late as me....ugh...