Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vacation Day One-Bethany Beach

It was smooth sailing the entire trip down, traffic was null and void, nothing on the road caused a problem.....that could have been the problem. Once we got to Bethany beach and figured out where the house was, we ran and grabbed was a little later, but we were hungry. The kids were anxious to see inside, so we waited for Aunt Wendy to arrive with the Key and off they went exploring the house.

The kids are in love, it's a big house with lots of room for them to have fun in. The adults on the other hand are wiped out. Scott so much so that he felt faint...achey...kinda concerned cause we just went through something like this with him last month and we still, or rather, the doctors still can't figure it out. We all have our theories, but we have Nurse Wendy with us this week to see to it that he's ok.

We were not starving for dinner and we want to keep Scott's meals kinda mild, so we explored town a bit and took a walk, the beach is two blocks down, as are like 4 coffee shops, pizza shop, subway, surf shops, french fries, you name it, it's here.

Tomorrow morning bright and early there is a farmers market that will set up in the bank lot two blocks down , you can bet were stopping down there to see what we can find.

We found a few seafood places where we can get fresh seafood and cook here at the house, that's always fun.

Right now every one is back and vegging...Emma is showered and the Shook girls are watching a movie, it's been a long day and I really just want a night where I can sleep (in a king size bed this time) and not wake up at 5am...I think I get that from my dad...thanks entire week of waking at 5 am for no reason alarm, nothing...hate it.

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