Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Yeah, that's the last time I blogged...been to long yet again.

It's been busy since April. The second job has let up a bit, so I have more time with the kids and the house...not enough with the house but at least that means I'm with the kids.

The vegetable garden is in, I have tomatoes already , kinda early I think but, I'm not complaining. My cucumbers are taking off like crazy and my pepper plants look really healthy, crossing fingers that nothing invades. I put three raspberry bushes in and am hoping to put my five grape vines in tonight. I also cleared off part of the hill and have that planted...along with two strawberry plants...they are already producing fruit!

The tractor has been giving us issues for a while now, but we have realized that prayer works...even on a tractor!

The kids have gotten over the "I want chickens" phase, especially since the pool opened.

This week were preparing for vacation, this time with Scott's sister and her family as well as Scott's dad......should be nice, the cousins get to "hang" for an entire week....

Today was also the kids last day of school, they are relieved...and mommy fears they will want to stay up as late as me....ugh...

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