Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 3...and the heat continues

It's wicked hot here on Bethany Beach. This isn't always a bad thing if you plan to spend your days on the beach and in the ice cold ocean water. That's what we did today again, there was a cool breeze off the ocean which made it nice to sit...but the kids got bored yet again and we ended up leaving in spurts....It was still a nice day at the beach and once again I think I look like the indian that my parents brought home from the

Tonight was eat out night, so we went over to Harpoon Hana's for dinner. Once we sat down the storms started, it got pretty windy and we saw some pretty cool lightning, but by the time we left it was all over. The fun began when we got back to Bethany and realized we had no power and the streets had some pretty nice size puddles!

Let the games begin! The kids pulled out their games and Scott and Jake and I ran to the grocery store for some food and candles. I would say all together we may have been out of power two hours, not bad..especially with this heat.

We didn't go anywhere tonight, pretty pooped from being in the sun two days...tomorrow is always another day.

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