Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day Two...the adventure continues

Jacob and I started out day two at the farmers market two blocks cute that was! Lots of homegrown produce, the fresh peaches smelled awesome so we had to grab some, we bought some fresh organic cheese and tomatoes and cukes.....corn was $1 a piece, so we passed on that.

We readied for the beach after that. Spent the whole day there, Jake ended up with a headache, but we think it was more him wanting to rent his bike, Aunt Wendy ended up taking the kids up to the boardwalk to look for sunglasses and stuff so Scooter and I caught a nap on the beach. By the afternoon the wind picked up and we were actually a bit chilly...but it was nice.

Once we arrived back at the house everyone showered and I drove the boys up to rent their bikes for the week. I drove home and they went for a ride. Pop Pop even went for a few rides with Jake once we were all home!

Aunt Wendy make us a yummy pork loin for dinner tonight, she's a good cook! The kids all went to the park after dinner and then Scott and I took all the kids for a walk around town so they could look at all the stuff they wanted but couldn't afford.

While up in town tonight we noticed people running to the beach, we walked down to see what the excitement was and found out that someone caught a shark on the beach, it wasn't a big one, but a supposed shark none the less, the police were keeping people back, pretty exciting....

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