Sunday, August 22, 2010

Where has the time gone? I can still remember Jakes first day of Kindergarten, I can see him with every teacher he has ever had, I can pinpoint every struggle he has ever encountered during every grade...and tomorrow he begins his adventure at LMMS. Sixth grade already. I'm wondering right now who is more nervous, Jake or I know he's a little hesitant, just by the way he is behaving, he wishes he didn't have to do this in the morning, but I'm trying to reassure him that Mom and Dad will be with him as he gets his schedule, walks the routine he will walk during school...and all the other fun stuff that's in store. Here's hoping the day go smoothly and Jacob does not wake up with a headache.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Terrain at Styers-Lunch with hubby

On Thursday of my husbands vacation, he had this entire day planned of things he wanted to do, visit, name it, he planned it out. Most of our day consisted of things I had done before, a trip to IKEA, Trader Joes and Whole Foods...but some of the day was made up of new and exciting adventures, all of which I will detail here.

Our first stop was to a place called Terrain at Styers. I can only describe the place like this, grungy meets new and was such a neat place, I think we spent two hours in total here, both shopping and eating. I've included the link so you can see for yourself.

We got a few ideas for our own house while browsing the store, lots of funky type jars, soaps, salts, tons for eating and lots for decorating. As we wandered the store we came upon the spot hubby was telling me about, only he did not explain it in the detail it deserved. This was the cutest spot for lunch, a glass greenhouse with bamboo type shades on the ceiling, full of plants, all sorts of plants and old structures torn out of buildings..just the neatest place to eat our lunch. Hubby had crab cake sliders and I enjoyed a tomato, mozzarella and prosciutto sandwich, both were on freshly made bread. While we waited for our lunch to arrive, we were given a little flower pot...with some tabs of homeade butter, sprinkled with a purpleish color salt and cute, and oh so yummy...I will be making little loaves of bread in the flower pots one day soon. That was the best freshly made lunch I have had in a long above!

We wandered off to find an old campmeeting after lunch. With hubby being so much into the campmeeting history..I figured I might as well let him explore a bit. We found this Chester Heights campmeeting and wandered through was a bit sad, the place looks really run down, cottages are falling over yet there seems to be some sort of group trying to make a go of it...some of the cottages were so cute..and then others...well...not so cute.

After that we drove over to IKEA to check out some bathroom items, we found the base vanity we want as well as the it was off to Trader Joes and Whole Foods...after that we were starving, so we checked out yummy food, we so need one of those here in the Lehigh Valley.

We were now home and exhausted, but what a fun day it was

It's Ceiling Time

In 2008 when we purchased our house, we also purchased all the tin tile and molding we would need for our kitchen ceiling....and we did nothing with it, until NOW.

With hubby having the week off, our initial intentions were to take some day trips together while the kids were visiting with their Aunt and Uncle. When Friday rolled around and we realized we couldn't get in for our lunch like we wanted, I mentioned the tin pieces sitting in the basement and off to Lowes's we went.

We settled on a hammered brown rustoleum spray paint for the tiles.....started with two cans to see how far it would take us, one can will cover 6 tiles......we are now on can's alot of paint.

I've attached some photos below, you can see how gross the ceiling was, and how cool it now looks.