Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Ceiling Time

In 2008 when we purchased our house, we also purchased all the tin tile and molding we would need for our kitchen ceiling....and we did nothing with it, until NOW.

With hubby having the week off, our initial intentions were to take some day trips together while the kids were visiting with their Aunt and Uncle. When Friday rolled around and we realized we couldn't get in for our lunch like we wanted, I mentioned the tin pieces sitting in the basement and off to Lowes's we went.

We settled on a hammered brown rustoleum spray paint for the tiles.....started with two cans to see how far it would take us, one can will cover 6 tiles......we are now on can's alot of paint.

I've attached some photos below, you can see how gross the ceiling was, and how cool it now looks.

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