Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Please VOTE today!

Today is the one day in history where your vote can make a difference. My vote is going to John McCain, for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons right now is the fact that my family has worked very hard to build the business that currently supports us financially. In two years this business will be in my family for 100 years. That's a legacy, it's a legacy that I don't want to have taken away by the first black president. My family has given to charities, churches, organizations to help the poor for years on end, probably more than I think we should, because we do this alot and I sometimes wonder if it's appreciated. My concern is, this is my choice, I don't think anyone should be told they have to give to someone because that someone is just to darn lazy to get off their duff and get a job or find some help for their family. We have too many people who sit by and expect a hand out, and that is something I do not support. The welfare system in this country is so over ridden with people who do nothing but take advantage of it, that there is nothing left for those who need it. That's why my vote is going to John McCain, he is someone I can trust.

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deb said...

I just ran across your blog from Ginger's Primitivesbythelightofthemoon. She is a good friend of mine. I am new to blogging myself and I look check out other bloggers. Yours is so very nice. But I just had to comment on this post. I wanted to tell you how glad I am that you put your opinion out there. And I'm not saying that just because I completely agree with you, but because we should use our freedoms (such as blogging) without fear of retribution. I'm afraid one day we won't be able to do that. But it's nice to know we aren't alone. I'll continue to read your blog. And I'll continue to check out your blog. Congrats on the house!! How exciting. -deb