Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The work continues

Where do I start? OK, We spent last weekend spackling all the cracks and dings and odd things in the walls of the house. We have realized that these are 100 year old walls, not your typical drywall type of wall, so we will fix the really bad stuff and enjoy the uniqueness of what we have. Thursday and Friday of this week we will be sanding the kids rooms and preparing them for primer and then paint this weekend.
Still have some major faults to fix in our bedroom but we should get to the painting of that next week.
Our electrician should hopefully be done with the second floor at the end of this week, cross your fingers and toes.
We started removing the floor in the kitchen so we could see what we had in terms of having them sanded.......they are too far gone.....we picked out 12" tiles and will have my brothers help to get a new floor installed in about two weeks.
Last night we bought the kids paint and we got samples for the living room, office and kitchen. By this morning we had already changed our mind with the living room office area....LOL, we do that, it's not always fun but I think we settled on what we want the look and feel of the house to have, so we added a third color.....just more work, but, who's up for painting? Give me a call!
I went over some of the writing that I could make out on the walls and took some better pics, I'll post them as well.
I think that's it for now, enjoy the pictures.

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