Monday, October 20, 2008

Dad's 68th birthday

Friday night we took a break from the house stuff and had a birthday celebration for Pop Pop. The kids get so excited when they know they get to celebrate a birthday and hang out with their cousins. We had alot of fun, especially when it came to lighting all 68 candles, I think we lost a few......Afterwards the kids were so incredibly hyper that we sent them out to play in the dark, but that turned into hide and seek with the big and little kids. That was fun and the kids wished it would have lasted longer but we knew we needed a good nights rest to get back to work on the house the next day.

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Catherine said...

I just found your blog as I noticed you are a follower of mine. Let me say at the get go that I love the look and feel of it--and those pics! I just want to jump into your family. You make me wistful for the extended family that I do not have.

Thanks for that!


And house restoration (of a family homeplace)...right up my alley and heart strings.