Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Will it get better?

Just when you think you might have one child under control and content with their new school...the next one starts.

Poor Emma. This is so incredibly hard for her. I'm not saying this school is worse than their old school, they just do things differently, and Emma is having a very hard time with the changes.

Much of her problems don't even revolve around school, it's the bus. There really is no sense of stability in the bussing. Let me rephrase that...In their old school, they were called over the PA by their bus number, if you were on that bus, you lined up and followed the fellow bus riders out to that bus, very orderly. In this school, you are released by grade, you are let free to find your bus! This is hard for her, she worries she will find the wrong bus, that her brother won't get released in time to make it on and the bus will leave without her...she worries. Two mornings now of nothing but tears...it's heartbreaking. Pray for Emma, pray that she has peace about this whole bus thing and that she starts to feel in control of the situation.

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