Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hot Tea.....

Fitting caption not? Yeah, that's what my life consists of right now. Seems I've been kissin' on my kids a little too much the past couple days and now we are sharing some germs....germs that mommy really doesn't need right now cause she has to work at the candy store all weekend. Ugh.

Were suppose to get hit with some good solid rain soon, I'm really hoping it doesn't interfere with me getting a garden plot ready for my peas and onions. I really want to get them in the ground so I don't have to worry about them, I also want to start my seeds soon so I have to start that list as well.

What's growin' in your garden this spring, hopefully more than just weeds?

Oh, I have to tell you all, Jacob came home with an awesome find last night. He is my garbage picker in training. Someone in the neighborhood was gettin' rid of a pretty decent looking gas least it looks 5 years newer than he rolled that baby home and made his momma proud. Way to go Jake!

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