Tuesday, March 8, 2011

On the hunt

For all the chicken facts again. Seems the kids and I have the chicken bug once again, always happens come spring. I've emailed the township and am waiting for word, figure it best to go straight to the officials for the yes or no on chickens.

We picked up our potato starters this weekend in Lancaster County, as well as our onion sets and peas, last night we found heirloom tomato seeds locally that I will start this week. Looks like the planning has begun and we are so looking forward to growing alot of our own food again.

The kids have been informed that if gas prices keep going up, there will be less visits to the grandparents this summer to swim, unless of course the grandparents want to keep them over night, then we don't have a problem, but our neighbor has already offered her pool to the kids and since we will have the garden and possibly chickens to tend to, I'm all for staying in the comfort of my surroundings at home and working my land to benefit us all.

If anyone out there reading this has any tips or advice from chicken world, feel free to post here, all the advice is welcome.

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