Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas is over.....

And the real adventures begin. We are finally moved into the house, did that last Thursday the 18th. Moved most of what we need over, have done two trips back and forth from the cottage to the house every day since then.

We endured a very hard last day of school at Truman. This was why I did not want to move during the school year. I knew this would be hard, but not this hard. My little Emma is still a tiny bit upset. She spent most of the last day of school crying. She cried through pretty much all of her testing at her new school and showed no enthusiasm during the school tour. After the tour I made a stop at the post office and she just started crying out of the blue......I took her home, got her in comfy clothes and we just cuddled on the sofa as she cried through endless episodes of Drake and Josh. She did eventually fall asleep, but not without some outbursts of tears. She was in bed by 7 and woke the next morning about 7am. Scott called me that morning to say Em went back to bed at 8 and got up at lunch time. Her heart is very sore......she misses Mrs. Long and Emily...that's all she talks about.

The next day things got a little better, there was actually conversation about the new school.

By Christmas day we were definately showing some excitement about the new school, with a little bit of hesitation mixed in.

Now we are preparing for a day of no bad weather on the 27th so we can move the last 7 pieces of furniture into the new house. I've rented the truck and friends are gonna show up to help. I hope it goes well, that no one gets stuck in the mud and we all stay safe.

I still don't have the computer hooked up at the new house, so my only emails come from work.

Looking forward to updating with good moving news on Monday

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