Monday, December 15, 2008

We are a week away!

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December 13th 2008

We are about a week away from moving into our new "old" house. I've uploaded some photos from the weekend that show our newly sanded and finished floors on the second floor, as well as the furniture that was given to us by Bethanie in Jacob's room, and the work we accomplished on the first floor. We are now at the point where we have basically done what we can to get ready to move in. There are certainly details that we need to finish, but, they are small enough for us to finish once we live in the house. The washer and dryer are picked out, the tub faucet is going in today, hopefully the master bed will be moved in tonight (I have actually enjoyed the sofa the past month when scott is working, more than the bed) and we have to clear everything off the first floor because the country stripper is comin' back tomorrow! He does floors.....I know what you guys are thinking. Saturday is the big move........and we know we have friends and family who are helping and are so thankfull for them! This week will be a busy one for us as it's the last full week of school for the kids.......
Tonight-clear out the first floor
Tuesday night-Jakes' chorus concert
Wednesday night-Order a moving truck, get groceries for the move and for emma's brownie party
Thursday night-Emma has brownies and a party
Friday night-run around like a chicken with my head cut off, but before I do that we have to visit the new school with the kids
Saturday we move
Sunday we need to visit Santa, he doesn't know we moved yet!
Monday is the last full day of school
Tuesday I am going to school with the kids.....and I'm taking tissues

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