Monday, December 1, 2008

Weekend work continues

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November 30th

We managed to get alot done this weekend, my body is telling me to stop, I've never hurt this much in my life, but I will press on, it has to get done!
The entire second floor is primed....Two bedrooms are practically done and the third was started yesterday with the first coat of color. The first floor living room which consists of two rooms is starting to get painted, the color we picked looks really nice and I managed to find some black friday deals for curtains in both the living room and kitchen, SCORE!
The two 10 year olds painted the laundry room last night, first coat, they did an awesome job.
My sister got the first coat on jakes room and zach and I finished the priming of the hallway and doors.
We are trying to get all the painting done before the people come to finish the floors on both levels. We know there will be patching and such to do after the painting being that the electrician decided to not show for an entire week! But I'm over that now and I'm gonna keep going.
The floor is almost out of the kitchen, that sucker is hard to pull out, let me tell ya, and when someone is taking it out, everyone else in the house has to wear ear plugs cause it's so loud.
Hopefully I'll have more to show ya by the weekend.

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