Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend Accomplishments

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December 7th 2008

This weekend was spent trying to get the second floor paint finished. I only had one day to work due to our annual shopping trip with my sisters and my dad, something he likes to do to make sure he picks all the right gifts for his grandkids. We had a blast, but, I was a little discouraged by not being able to work on the house Saturday.
Sunday I worked hard getting the hallway of the second floor done, Scott rolled the paint while I did the cut in. My uncle showed up and he fixed the master bedroom trim work, looks so much better. I think he will show up more this week to fix the trim in the other bedrooms as well. We have until Wednesday night to get everything painted, cleaned up and moved off the second floor so the floor guy can come make the floors look really pretty on Thursday. Tonight we will get a second coat on the hallway walls as well as a second coat on Jacob's ceiling and walls, and my uncle will work on trim work.
We also managed to loosen up that goofy stove in the kitchen, so now that can come out and the electrician can wire for the new one. Forgot about the rangehood, have to work on that next.
Jacob and Emma got a ton more of the floor out in the kitchen, will have to move the refrigerator to the porch tonight so we can finish the kitchen floor tonight.
I'm sure I'll have more pics to share later in the week.

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