Friday, August 22, 2008

End of the week

And lots of things got accomplished this week. I'm exhausted and just want some time to relax!
Still waiting to hear about some final things with the house purchase, the inspection is done, the electrical contractor will be submitting his bid soon to redo the house. We have cleaned up the house just a little, anything having to do with a cat has been tossed! It's somewhat weird to be in a house that still has remnants of a very long life lived in this house. We find photos of family when they were very young and try to figure out who everyone is.
The school situation has been dealt with and we feel so much better knowing that we have our kids in such a caring and nurturing school. I can't say enough good things about this school and my heart aches knowing I only get to enjoy this school for a little while longer. The Principle and staff at this school is just so involved and they are there for us around every corner.
Other areas of our life have been somewhat stressful and we are working to make things much less stressful. One weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I must say, I feel so good about the decision, there is no turning back!
Watch for more updates coming soon, or as soon as we know something!

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