Tuesday, August 19, 2008

In the (NEW) Beginning

There was a family of four, and an almost 100 year old house...........now the fun begins.
Today officially starts our future full of appointments at the house we are planning to purchase. We start this morning a tad bit fear full, only because we have no idea what this house inspection will turn up, being that it is a 100 year old house.

We plan to spend a few hours with the inspector today, tomorrow we plan to spend an hour or so with an electrician, buttering his hand to see just how low that new electrical service will cost us.

The next few days entail dealing with the gas company, schools, appraisals, security and it goes on and on and on.

I'm looking forward to that day where I can sit on my back porch, watch the cars and sip my coffee, but until then, we press on, with the hope that as long as we put our faith and trust in God, we have no worries, I'm giving them all to him and I know he will bring me through this, with my cup of coffee still warm.

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