Friday, September 19, 2008

It's Friday!

And this crazy week will finally come to an end. I did something this morning that may or may not come back to bite me. I drove to work.... I know, probably shouldn't be driving until I see the doctor on Tuesday, but man is my family going crazy this week. I've been shuffled around by Scott to work and home every day, I can see how tired he is. We have had some sort of school function every night this week except tonight, and now my kids want to go to a football game! UGH......

We still have no word on the house and whether or not the estate attorney will work with our current agreement, all of which is in line, the dots are marked the t's are crossed and everything is fine, except for this darn attorney.

I just want something to pan out for us this week, something to fall in line with what we need done. Why won't it work?

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